Standing Bear Lake, Hiking and Bicycling Trails

Located northwest of the city, this neighborhood offers open spaces and parks. The lakes in the area are great for fishing, boating, and ice skating. The nearby hiking and biking trails are also worth checking out. Learn more by clicking here.

A new floating walkway at the lake makes the park more appealing to pedestrians. The path was inspired by a boardwalk at Lake Weatherford in Texas.


Fishing at Standing Bear Lake is a great activity for the entire family. The lake features a variety of fish including largemouth bass, bullhead, bream/bluegill, catfish, and walleye. A walking trail circling the lake offers recreation opportunities for all ages.

The lake is named for the Ponca leader who successfully sued to have Native Americans recognized as having civil rights. It was originally built for flood control but now serves as a public park, with picnicking and no-wake boating.

A large section of the lake is being chemically renovated this spring as part of an aquatic habitat restoration project. During this time, the bridge will be closed along with some parking areas.


Named after the Ponca leader Chief Standing Bear, this park in west Omaha offers picnicking, no-wake boating, and fishing. It is also home to a unique playground, walking trails, and ice skating in the winter.

A major renovation project is underway at the lake, which includes removing undesirable existing fish populations and replacing them with more desirable sport fish. The Army Corps of Engineers says the renovation will improve fishing access and enhance recreational opportunities.

Nebraska Game and Parks has also chemically renovated the lake, removing invasive fish that could threaten native species. That was part of a larger effort to improve the habitat for bass, crappie, catfish, and walleye.


If you are looking for a place to relax and spend some time with the family, Standing Bear Lake is a perfect choice. It features a unique playground that is surrounded by the greenery of the park, a picnic shelter, and a walking trail.

The park is named after Ponca Chief Standing Bear, who fought to have Native Americans recognized as civil rights holders. It is located in northwest Omaha and is open year-round. It offers no-wake boating, biking, and hiking trails, nature study opportunities, and fishing.

The 135-acre park is also home to a public swimming area and a picnic shelter. Explore more!


Named for Ponca leader Chief Standing Bear, this day-use park is open year-round and offers picnicking, no-wake boating, and hiking and bicycling trails. The park is a favorite with locals who come to relax and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

The park is also home to a pavilion that can be reserved for private events, including weddings and reunions. A caretaker is on-site to monitor the facility and lock it up after the rental time expires.

A concrete trail circling the lake is a popular pathway for runners and cyclists. The path begins at North 132nd Street and winds around the lake and into the neighborhood before ending at Saddlebrook Park.

Ice Skating

Named after Ponca leader Chief Standing Bear, this park in west Omaha offers fishing, no-wake boating, hiking and biking trails, picnicking, and ice skating in the winter. It also features a playground, paths for running and biking, and a field for remote-controlled airplane flying.

TR Construction recently completed the removals, grading, storm sewer, and concrete trails on both the north and south sides of Standing Bear Lake adding access and connection to a new floating trail. The floating trail will help visitors navigate the lake more safely.

There are many great lakes in the Omaha area to take a scenic walk. Some of our favorites are Zorinsky, Standing Bear, and Walnut Creek Lake.


The park named for Ponca leader Chief Standing Bear offers a tranquil recreation experience with a scenic lake and more than four miles of trail circling the water. In northwest Omaha, it’s a great place for a family picnic or a solo stroll around the paved concrete trail.

Earlier this week, a woman told police that two men broke into her car at the parking lot at Standing Bear Lake off 144th Street and stole her purse. That troubling incident led Hike Omaha organizer Jared Lashley to brainstorm ways to make people feel safer out on the trails.

TR Construction completed removals, grading, storm sewer, and new concrete trails to connect the existing trails to a floating trail at Standing Bear Lake. Next article.


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